DPDiary NX – Boxed Version

DPDiary NX - Boxed Version

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  • DPDiary NX - Boxed Version
  • DPDiary NX - Boxed Version
  • DPDiary NX - Boxed Version
  • DPDiary NX - Boxed Version
  • DPDiary NX - Boxed Version
  • DPDiary NX - Boxed Version
  • DPDiary NX - Boxed Version
  • DPDiary NX - Boxed Version
  • DPDiary NX - Boxed Version


DPDiary NX is a diary for your PC.

With DPDiary NX you can create, edit, read, print as many entries per day or overall as you like. Of course you can delete entries as well. All entries are saved encrypted for your privacy. If you wish you can check the spelling of your entries (needed libraries can be managed & downloaded from within the software for free) and also let the software read out your entries (requires Text-To-Speech compatible languages, freeware libraries are available in the internet). Additionally you can insert smileys and other graphics directly into the text. Texts can be formatted with a various of options so that you can style them as you wish.

To make sure you don’t lose entries the build-in search feature makes it as easy as possible to search all entries for specific text. To every entry you can assign as many so called Adds as you like. These Adds are added to your entries and so always available when you open the entry.

Beside the encryption for your privacy DPDiary NX provides an automated backup feature for entries. It can make copies of your entries to network drives or plugged in USB drives.

DPDiary NX includes an version of MemoFor.Me that helps you to create & manage notes. Notes can be directly transformed to entries in your diary, picture notes can be added into a text of an entry or as Adds. MemoFor.Me is also available as app for mobile devices so that you can create notes everywhere and import them afterwards into DPDiary NX. This way you’ll never forget any detail!

DPDiary NX can export entries into the RichText format that can be opened with Microsofts Word or any other text editor capable of handling RichText files. Entries of DPDiary XP Pro can be imported as well as entries of other diary software that has an export function.

If you want to print your entries you can select single entries or all at once. The program provides an user friendly 4 step wizard to print your entries.

DPDiary NX can be installed to any flash drive and run from there, so you can take your entries wherever you go. Also it is capable of supporting different languages for the user interface.

To keep you up to date you can use the build-in update features that can check, download and install updates if available.

Information about the boxed version

  • Includes DPDiary NX on CD registered to the ordering user
  • Includes CD-Case
  • No need to activate the product
  • Fully compatible to the download version

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